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Happy 6th Birthday Little Man

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Our Little Man is 6 years old! I can't even believe i'm typing that number out. He has grown right before our eyes! They say time flies when you become a mom and it truly does. 

I'm currently in a hotel losing sleep typing this post after a few hours of texting the hubs back and forth as i screen shot photos of Little Man when he was born. I fly home to celebrate my big boys birthday in a few hours and I can't help but feel a little sad that he's growing so fast and that he's not my little tiny baby any more. Maybe it's just the emotional side of me but it really is crazy how much he's grown THIS year. 

Little Man learned to write spell and read this year. He played on his first team and learned to hit the ball with out a tee! He is an avid gamer and an incredible tech savvy boy! Little Man continues to be a quiet, loving, sentimental, and spontaneous boy. He fills our family with so much love and joy.

I look forward to watching him reach many more milestones and grow into an amazing young boy. 

Happy Birthday Son! 
You will always be daddy and mamas little man!

BOYS Like Barbie Too #BarbieProject

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

Becoming parents opens up the door to many conversations. Luckily the hubs and I discussed many things before we got married and had children. One issue we discussed was if he was comfortable with our son playing dolls and our daughter playing cars. I was happy I had found a man who was openminded nonjudgmental and sensitive to the issues I found dear to my heart.

I shared a story with him about when I was younger and how horrible my boy cousin was treated because he liked playing with barbie dolls. We'd sneak around and play together but I knew the moment I left his house it was going to be bad for him. His parents didn't agree with him playing dolls. They'd say it was for girls and he was a boy. He'd cry and was treated unfairly and even put on punishment. It hurt my heart and I never understood it.

Little Man and Little Lady share a toy box. They play with each other often. When Little Lady's collection of Barbie Dolls grew Little Man began to get interested. It's a new toy in the box and he wanted to share time with his sister. They are close for the most part as much as they disagree on things when playing.

I was able to capture a day of them hanging out and playing. I sat back and asked questions later.

Little man was JJ the boy doll he was secretly spiderman though or so he told Little Lady. She asked him where his costume was because JJ had shorts not pants like spiderman. They both giggled and played.

They started to role play.
JJ and Jenny went to go eat but JJ was the hungriest. He took some food and became like the hulk. The table fell the chairs did too. Little Lady wasn't happy "MOM, Brother plays too rough"

Her face was priceless! "JJ is hungry mom!" Little Man would argue. I looked at him and asked "Is JJ hungry or is Little Man hungry" he giggled.

They continued to play watching tv, feeding the dogs, listening to nicki minaj (My choice in music apparently is a hit with them too) JJ and Jenny ended up having a good time and so did Little Man and Little Lady!

While Little Lady helped me set up the dinner table we chatted
Mom:"Do you think Barbie's are for boys too?"
LL:"They are for girls mom... and ummm Boys who like dolls too" "Brother likes to play with me"
Mom: "Is it ok that he plays with you? Do you have a good time with him?"
LL: "Yes mama, I like when brother plays with me and Barbie"

So again, Boys like Barbie too and their sisters like it when they play as long as they don't play too rough!

What are your thoughts on Boys playing with Barbie Dolls?

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

Back to School Lunch Simple & Fun with Juicy Juice #FoodMadeSimple

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I can officially say I am preparing for Back to School for both of my kiddos. This year I plan to get really creative with their lunch and snacks because creativity shouldn't be left for just paper and glue! I'll be taking regular PB&J to the next level for bite sized deliciousness as well as packing a great drink to quench their thirst with Juicy Juice!

Here is how you too can create a simple and fun lunch for your kids with Juicy Juice!

What you need!

It doesn't take too much planning when it comes to making simple and fun lunches!

Plan accordingly when shopping for what you need.

Main lunch sandwiches are just too boring
Take PB&J to the next level
Try PB&J Sushi Rolls! You will need Bread, Peanut butter and Jelly!

Shop for other delicious snacks! Think bite sized!
Fruit, cheese, popcorn! My kids love pretzels and chips too!

Juice is our go to for quenching our thirst. We shop Juicy Juice for 8pks at Walmart for less than $2.50

Juicy Juice has a variety of flavors at Walmart in the juice and water aisle! Apple, fruit punch, grape and berry juice boxes!

How to make PB&J Sushi Rolls

1-Take the crust off the bread and flatten. 
2-Spread Peanut Butter all over one slice and Jelly on the edge.
3-Roll your bread starting at the jelly.
4-slice in threes and do it again for the other slice of bread.

PB&J with a twist!

Pack sushi rolls with Juicy Juice, Popcorn, Cheese and Fruit Slices for a simple delicious fun lunch!

How will you join #foodmadesimple with your kids lunches?
Stay tuned for more awesome simple and fun ideas for Back to School Lunches!
In the mean time follow along with the Hashtag above and #collectivebias for more lunch ideas with Nesquik and Juicy Juice!!

Mama Gets Fit with AVIA Activewear

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

The hubs and I both turn 30 this year so we decided to make some life changes, now that we are getting older. We want to make healthier decisions as well as be more active.

I have been dreading the gym for a few reasons. I haven't been to the gym let alone be very active in about 2 years. I also didn't have any activewear that I felt comfortable in.

Walmart offered a chance to check out their new line of AVIA activewear and I couldn't refuse to check out the brand!

I already knew the line was coming from my past trip to HQ but I worried they wouldn't have my size.

My local Walmart and Walmart.com both had sizes up to 2x in AVIA activewear. They carry capris, tanks, tees and sport bras in fun colors for easy mix and match,

My AVIA Activewear

I chose a tank, sport bra and capris to get my collection of activewear going.

Purple tank with pink details- I love the racer back on this Knit tank because it's comfortable and moves with me. I like that I don't have to worry about the tank riding up and that the moisture wicking keeps me dry even in my sweatiest work ours. This tank is available in 5 fun colors!

Black capris with purple and gray details -I love a good stretch in bottoms and this pair of capris offers great stretch with it's poly spandex blend. It also features an elastic waistband, moisture wicking technology, a hidden pocket on the inside of the capris and they're tag-less! It comes in two colors in the style I chose.

Gray sport bra- Another good stretch and great support with poly spandex blend. This sport bra has no closing, offers removable padding, features front pocket, and comes in a racer back! It's comfortable with a bottom elastic band. It comes in 2 different colors in the style I chose.

My whole AVIA outfit cost under $36 at Walmart! 

Getting FIT

This is me in action! I started working out in my backyard to get comfortable with sweating and moving. I am happy about being active, my hubs keeps me motivated, I am determined, and Avia activewear keeps me comfortable!

I look forward to sharing more about my journey to a healthy more active life. Please know that this isn't me going on a diet. I am focused on changing bad habits while taking into consideration portion control and an active lifestyle! 

How do you stay active or live a healthier life? 
What do you look for in Activewear?

Easy Family Dinner: DeliMex Taquito Pace Picante Bar

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

School may start in September but our family can use all the help in making Easy Family Dinners. Putting together lunch and dinner ideas is just as important in our Back to School preparation. This is why I recently tried an easy make ahead meal with the family using DeliMex Taquitos and Pace Picante sauce. I set it up as a Taquito Bar and there were no left overs!!! A total hit if you ask me!

I want to share this Easy Family Dinner with 3 make ahead portions of our Taquito Bar as well as the recipes!

Make Ahead 
The night before I planned to serve our Taquito Bar I made two easy dipping sauces and rice. The dips were simple to make! One was a not so spicy creamy salsa dip and the other a very gooey cheesy picante dip! These are not only easy to make but take care of the desire of needing sour cream and shredded cheese to our taquito bar!

Creamy Salsa Dip

-1 5.3oz cup of Greek Plain Yogurt and 1/4 cup of Pace Picante Medium Sauce
Stir to combine and refrigerate until ready to serve

Cheesy Picante Dip

-4 oz of Velveeta cheese, 1/4 cup of milk, 1/4 cup of Pace Picante medium sauce
Microwave the cheese and milk until melted. Once melted add the Pace Picante Sauce. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Reheat until melted and serve.

Pace Picante Rice and Peas
This rice and peas is a savory side dish that compliments the flavors of our taquitos! A flavorful twist to traditional Mexican Rice.

Ingredients (Roughly 30-40 mins to cook stove heat varies)
-1 1/2 cups of long grain rice, 2/3 cups of Pace Picante Sauce, 1tbs of chicken bullion, 1 cup of peas, 3 cups of water, 2tbs extra virgin olive oil.

1- In a pot add the olive oil at medium high heat and the rice. Constantly stir until a little golden.
2-Add Pace Picante and stir. Add water and chicken bullion and stir.
3- Bring to a boil. Lower to medium low heat and cover.
4-Once it starts looking like a thicker soup with less liquid add the peas and fold them in.
5- Cook until all liquid is gone and rice is nice and fluffy.
6-Store in  a plastic container with a top and reheat when ready to serve.

Family Dinner Time
Bake DeliMex Taquitos
While my family typically fry taquitos I wanted a healthier version so I decided to baked! The crunch  was still there without the dripping oil!

Bake your taquitos according to package on a cookie sheet lined with foil and sprayed with nonstick.

While your taquitos cook reheat your cheesy dip and rice. Also, chop up fresh veggies like lettuce, tomatoes and of course delicious avocado!

All ingredients  for this Easy Family Dinner were purchased at Walmart! This dinner cost under $15, fed a family of Five and was done in 20mins with the make ahead help!

Serve and Enjoy

Love our Easy Family Dinner Taquito Bar Idea? Pin for later!

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