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5 Musts for Back to School Night

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Tonight is our back to school night and last year I was so unprepared. I didn't know how things would go or what to even ask. Thankfully I am a little more prepared this year and know what to expect

I advise to take notes and asking general questions You will get some time to meet teacher but not to much time to really get a one on one.  Save the specific questions about your kids  for the conference one on ones.

These are a few of my Back to School Night Musts

1- Introduce yourself: Remember you are there to meet the teacher so introduce yourself and mention who your child is.

2- Check out the classroom: Look for your child's name on art work, school help list, and desks or cubbies to get an idea of what they are doing at school

3- Look for Sign up Lists: Ask to see if their is a list for volunteer sign ups for field trips, in class help or items the class may need.

4-Ask questions that matter: 
homework:Learn if you haven't already what homework expectations are and what other resourses your teacher may have for your child
Allergies:Our son had a peanut allergy student so we had to watch what snacks/ treats we sent into class or what kinds of foods our child ate before going to school to prevent an accident. Ask to see if anyone has an allergy or advise the teacher if you haven't already about your own child. Also be considerate and open minded when talking about or listening to parents share their concerns to allergies.
Special projects: Our kinder teacher had a mystery can for show and tell come home with each student about 3x's in the school year. It's a fun way to help your child share more about themselves with their class.
Discipline / reward system: We also had a stop light system for discipline and a Calendar sticker reward sheet that was sent home each day to help teacher/parent communication.
Contacting teacher: I've learned some find it better sending notes home and others like to email find out what better works for your teacher so you will continue to be in the know.

5-Meet other important people in your school- Learn who your principal, assistant principal, nurse, class aid, and lunch room teachers are. It's important to know who is at your school Thankfully our school does an outstanding job and making these important people very present and accessible.

What are your musts for back to school night?

Quick and Easy Game Day Steak Fries

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

When we lived in San Diego, Game Day was a HUGE deal! My favorite part was of course the food. One of my favorite tailgating Game Day foods was "Carne Asada Fries" or Steak fries, if you will.

What I love about Steak Fries is how quick and easy they are to serve for a group of people. It's served bar style at our home and everyone can customize their fries to their liking!  It's also a plus that  this meal is family and kid friendly not to mention utensils are totally optional! Yay for finger-foods!

Buying Premium Steaks at Walmart

Our first stop for Game Day is always Walmart for some fresh cut choice rib-eyes! Steak fries work with any cut of steak but rib-eyes are our go-to cut. I've seen steak fries done with cubed steak and strips of steaks but really as long as you have a good piece of steak it doesn't matter!

Grilling with Kingsford

Season steaks to your liking! We suggest only salt and pepper, these steaks are delicious as is!

Grilling with High Heat Competition Kingsford Briquettes is the way to go for a juicy rib-eye with the perfect crust.

Tip: Cook steaks on direct heat until desired crust/color remove to the side away from heat to finish cooking for a juicy steak!

Steak fries are best with medium-well/ well done steaks.

Game Day Steak Fries Bar

Quick chop and easy serving ingredients:
-Marketside chunky avocado, tomatoes , cilantro, jalapeños
Sour Cream
Grated Cheese 
French Fries- Baked or fried whatever your preference is.
Cut in strips or cubed rib-eye steaks- fresh off the grill!

Set up your steak fries bar ready for half-time. See how quick your family and friends come for seconds!

Build your own steak fries:
Add fries at the bottom of your plate. Top with steak, cheese, guacamole and some sour cream!

Are you Game Day ready?

Don't forget to pick up some Kingsford charcoal ($13.88 for a twin-pack) and some premium steaks next time you're at Walmart you're going to need them for Game Day!

For more Game Day Tailgating recipes and tips with Kingsford check out Walmart.com/UP-YOUR-GAME

Officially Back to School

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The day came for the kiddos to go back to school! I must admit as prepared as I thought I was things can change.

The alarms went off but I failed to get up. I am still not a morning person. Lucky for me I had set up everything to go off an hour early so I was still ahead of the game.

The hubs didn't realize his college classes started earlier and so he missed the kiddos first days and seeing them off on the bus. While we were kinda bummed we were happy to know he'd make it for early pick up from the bus stop!

This year I didn't forget first day of school pics! I had our signs ready thank goodness because of our Back to School party!

Little Man was up first bright and early! No grumpy faces here! I packed little man's lunch and prepared his backpack! He rode the bus with the big kids and shared he was a little scared but soon eased up. We didn't know most of the kids on the bus but I am sure he made friends because as soon as he got on someone sat next to him on the bus! He's officially in First grade!

Little Lady has late start or pm kinder so her bus came in the afternoon. We had fun talking while we did her hair and prepared for her first bus ride to school. She wasn't scared or nervous. She even jumped right on to the bus as soon as it arrived waving at the familiar faces and of course little man's past bus driver. It was a sweet moment to see my little one let go of my hand and go well on her way to a new beginning.

My kiddos are growing so fast. I called my mom on my walk home. It was a lonely walk home. She said "Are you having empty nest syndrome" WHAT? My mom is cray! She would say that. I teared up but no ugly face cry here. I am happy for my babies and they came home so excited about their first day of school!

I look forward to an amazing school year! 
How did your kids do on the first day of school?

13 Sweet and Savory Breakfast Dishes for Dinner

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored opportunity with Foodie.com

Image Credits GUBlife (TL) PresleysPantry (TR) LaCocinadeLeslie (BL) SpanglishBaby (BR)

Breakfast dishes for dinner is my kinda meal! I've always loved breakfast at different types of the day my kids seem to be the same. Cereal is one of our favorites and while it's an easy go to it's not always what we are up for.  As my kiddos get older, I like to explore new options and get them in the kitchen with me to cook. That being said, why not take traditional breakfast dishes and make them for dinner time!

Here are 12 amazingly savory and sweet Breakfast Dishes for Dinner!

Check out 13 Sweet and Savory Breakfast Dishes for Dinner
by Ruby Wright at Foodie.com

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp with Grape Balsamic Drizzle

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

We get to enjoy some pretty fancy food when we attend events for our blog. I think that is one of our favorite things to do because we get to come home to recreate for our family to enjoy when we gather for the holidays.

Since i've ventured into trying marine life once again shrimp are hands down my favorite and recreating the bacon shrimp was a must! But what fun is food if you can't change things and add your own twists and favorites, right? My kids love green grapes just as much as i do so incorporating green grapes was a must!

The hubs and I decided to grill our shrimps and add a delicious grape drizzle to accompany it. It was a total hit!

Let's grill shrimp

-1lb of raw jumbo shrimp
-skewer sticks
-Green grapes- Available at Walmart with a produce freshness satisfaction guarantee!

Prep- Soak skewers for at last 20mins

1- Cut bacon strip in half and wrap around the middle of your shrimp
2- Stick skewer thru
3- Repeat 3-4 shrimps per stick.


Tip: Coat your grill with olive oil to prevent sticking on the grill don't forget to do other side
Cook until bacon and shrimp are completely cooked temperature on grills vary but can be 10-20mins to cook.

Grape Balsamic Drizzle

While this drizzle is optional it accompanies the shrimp perfectly!

-Grapes- a handful 15-20 grapes
-1 cup Honey
-1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
-1/4 cup Balsamic Vinegar

Cook over medium heat in a pot letting it come to a slow boil and continuously stirring. Reducing heat when it reaches a boil and continue to cook for a remainder of 10 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside to cool until needed.

Grilled Shrimp

Once fully cooked remove from heat and allow them to get warm.
Remove from sticks and with toothpicks insert a green grape in the middle and serve with the drizzle.
The green grape gives the bacon wrapped shrimp a juicy fresh taste and balances great with the grape drizzle!

If you're ready for a party in your mouth try these delicious Grilled Bacon wrapped shrimp and don't forget the fresh grapes! Remember Walmart offers a freshness guarantee or your money back!

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