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New Pampers Wipes Designs + Giveaway

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post I am a Pampers Baby Board Member

I have been quite excited to share about Pampers new wipes designs because as a Pampers Baby Board Member I had the honor to help chose the designs!!! There are 6 new designs 3 of which were chosen by the PBB and they are in shelf as of August! From cute forest animals to baby whales and woodland theme they are all so cute!

As we know, parents use wipes to clean up quickly my kids are now 5 and 6 and we use wipes on the go for sticky hands and faces. Wipes have been with us since day one even when diapers were long gone.

Pampers now has a variety of wipes to fit the needs of all babies from baby fresh to sensitive and natural clean.

One thing they have in common is the cloth-like materials, Thick & Lofty wipe, SoftGrip Texture, great absorbency, and of course how soft and gentle they are!

Today Pampers Wipes have been clinically tested  and proven to restore our baby's natural pH Balance! "By utilizing ingredients that restore the natural pH (levels) of the skin, baby wipes are milder than water and washcloth on baby’s delicate skin." How awesome is that?

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed I visited Pampers Headquarters last year along with the other Pampers Baby Board members. We learned so much about how Pampers products are made and tested.  It was interesting to see how much work goes into products we use on our little ones.

Pampers Picnic Basked GIVEAWAY

To celebrate Pampers Next Generation of wipes, Pampers has kindly given us a Picnic Basket with lots of goodies inspired by the new wipe design themes! They also kindly have another basket for one of our lucky GUBreaders!

Enter to win your own Pampers Picnic Basket!
In the basket:
Pampers Swaddlers (size chosen by you)
3 packs of new design Pampers wipes
Polaroid 300 Instant Camera & Film
Picnic Blanket mat
changing kit
books + puzzle +more

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be Inspired!

As our summer comes to an end get out doors and make new memories with your kiddos and don't forget to bring some wipes for those sticky messes!

BTS: Trendy Affordable Kids Clothes at Walmart

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

My kid's don't have uniforms.  I almost wish they did considering how affordable uniforms are at Walmart. While uniforms make life less complicated when it comes to dressing up
 I also enjoy buying trendy affordable outfits for the kids and Back to School has been my favorite time to shop for them!

Boys Graphic Tees at Walmart

Little Man loves Marvel's Super-Hero, TMNT, and of course Lego! I was pleasantly surprised to see Walmart carry Graphic Tees with characters my kiddo loves! These were not only awesome to see but super affordable with most tees starting at $6.00!

If your boy's love Super Mario, Angry Birds, Marvel, Lego, TMNT and Despicable Me you are in for a treat at Walmart!

There are also Girl's and adult Graphic Tees available!

Girls' Faded Glory Mix & Match Baby Doll Tops and Leggings

I love to be able to buy affordable cute trendy clothes for little lady. The leggings and cute blouses can easily mixed and matched. The price for Faded Glory leggings at Walmart are $4.97! I loved being able to pick from 18 different legging solid and pattern styles.

The Baby Doll tops are so cute with trendy bling and sayings like LOL. There are 6 different style tops that can easily mixed and matched with the leggings. Baby Doll Tops are at an affordable price of $4.97 at Walmart!

Have you finished all your Back to school clothes shopping?

BTS DIY: Duck Tape School Clothes Hanger Flags

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Now that both the kids are going to be in school I need a lot more time and ways to stay organized and prepared for the school week. One of my Back to School DIYs was this super fun DuckTape School Clothes Hanger Flags. They not only are reusable but customizable and the kids loved choosing their patters and colors!

Make some for your kids!

To make these hanger flags you will need:
-Duck Tape one solid color and one pattern- Walmart carries a variety of colors and patterns for as low as $2.70!
-Sharpie markers chose fun ones like these Sharpie Neon thin tip
-5 Hangers

Get creative with your Hanger Flags!

Take the solid Duck Tape of your choice and write the days of the week with a Sharpie marker.
Cut the days out and prepare them to go on the flags.

Using a cool patterned Duck Tape roll, cut our 5 strips that are at least 5 inches long.
Take the tape and wrap it around the hook of the hanger like the photo above.
And cut a triangle out to make them look like ribboned flags or a fish tail.

Add the days of the week strips of Duck Tape on to each flag.

Plan your school clothes and hang them accordingly! All set we are ready for the school week!

How do you keep school clothes planned out and organized?

Happy 5th Birthday Little Lady

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left photo credit -VSanchez
My baby girl turns 5 today!!! Feels like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms looking in her nose and seeing nothing but two tiny black holes. I thought to myself "There have never been any boogers in this tiny nose" I laugh now because I remember her big brown eyes starring back at me just as amazed. We both were learning so much about each other.

Little Lady is an independent lovable talkative and very sassy little girl and I wouldn't have her any other way.

She is curious and knows what she wants and I admire that so much about her.

She enjoys dancing, twirling like a ballerina, and singing burrito sabanero!

I will miss the days where we spend all day together but I am excited to see how the new journey of turning 5 and starting school will be for her.

We love you more than you know little peanut and look forward to watching you grow!

Happy 5th Birthday!!!

Affordable Smartphone and No Contract Plans at Walmart with AT&T GoPhone

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

If you're a parent at one point you will hear the words "Can I have a phone" Well if you're a parent anything like mine and me the answer is "at due time or earn it"

Back to school brings back memories of wanting a cell phone and hearing no because I was either too young or my parent's weren't trying to enter into a contract and pay for an expensive phone!

Lucky for us GoPhone by AT&T exists with No contract plans and No credit checks!!!  I received the HTC Desire 610 to check out the new affordable Smartphone plan for $45!

The new $45 monthly plan includes Unlimited talk and text as well as 1GB of data + more

Phone can be used in Mexico and Canada while you travel too!
Unlimited Text which includes pictures and video
Unlimited Text to Mexico, Canada and over 100 countries!
PLUS- Wi-Fi hotspot capability- If your device allows you to use as wi-fi hotspot!

The perks are pretty awesome especially with the service being with out a contract! I appreciated knowing that my text messages to Mexico wouldn't be stopped by how much it would cost to communicate with my family in Mexico!

Setting up GOPhone + Refill cards
Setting up was easy I was notified when my phone was ready for use after calling to input the refill card code. Also Walmart has Refill cards in-stores as well as Refill and go e-cards online which sends the code via email as soon as you purchase making it easy to continue to use my smartphone.

How awesome is the HTC Desire 610?

The smartphone was pretty awesome! It runs on Android on 4Glte so the speed is just as great as my personal phone. I was able to connect to my wifi easy as well as other AT&T HotSpots which helped me save my data.

This phone came with pre-loaded apps too! AT&T Drive Mode, Google maps to name a few! I like games for my kids so I was able to download some for them too.

The phone comes packaged with a charger, micro-usb, sim card, and user guides.

Camera on HTC

I loved seeing this smartphone have a selfie self timer! It was my favorite feature though this selfie wasn't a good one ha! The camera is one of the things I check out first on phones because I tend to take a lot of photos of my kids I was happy with the 8mp camera  which is what my personal phone has as well! Sharing photos via text, email, and social media was easy.

So who is this HTC GOphone ideal for:
Parent's who are looking for an affordable phone and plan with no contracts, either for themselves or their teens/college kids!

I'd recommend this phone for my young brothers who love to chat with their friends and play games on their phones as well as my dad who is just learning to text with family now can be done with family in Mexico!

Learn more about the affordable plans and phones thru GOphone at Walmart at walmart.com

Here me talk about the phone and GoPhone service

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