Late night

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It's going to be a late night it's now 9:18pm and the kids have screamed their way outta bed. Dunno what's going on but I don't like it.
they were fed, showered and put to bed like 10 minutes earlier then usual and now we are paying hard for it ugh!
Wish me luck!
P.s. Big news Little Lady crawled like really on her knees i got it on video i'll upload tomorrow
Happy Wednesday... or not



  1. I wish someone could tell me the magic of keeping children in bed. EVERY night, there are last minute things that come up- water, hunger, bathroom- it's as if they have an aversion to bed! Hope you got to bed at a reasonable hour.

  2. AWW!! That is so cool that she crawled. I love it. I have one of mine still awake right now too. I wish I could get the hang of this parenting thing:) Clue me in if you figure it out okay!


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