Wordless Wednesday: If you gave a little lady a cookie

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If you gave a little lady a cookie

She'd probably get it all over her face

she'd probably take a bite too

She'd try to make it all hers
and get it all over her thighs legs and toes

But you wouldn't resist to give this little lady a cookie
even if she makes a big o mess!



  1. That is too cute =)

    I got all these sudden flashbacks of Avel my youngest he's now 2yrs old now but he still has plenty of these stories his would be "If you give a boy chocolate" lol

    Much Luv,

  2. shes adorable! I love her :D

    those cookies are messy. I think every baby has them lol.

  3. That was really cool! I love the way kids eat cookies. They REALLY enjoy them!!

  4. That is adorable!!! How old is your baby?? My baby girl is 6 months - starting food is always SO messy, but GREAT for photos! :)

  5. she is so cute...chubby little legs

  6. Aww, she is just too cute. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow with Little Lady's baptism tomorrow. God bless.


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