Picky Eater!

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Recently little man has become very PICKY with his food!

It started off with texture nothing slimy, gooey, and/or mushy.
Which includes, eggs, Jello, and gravy on mash potatoes. It's really weird because not to long ago he could eat eggs and gravy on his mash.

I don't know if this is a phase but it seems to just be growing.

We have now moved on to veggies. Anything green he's not having. We can seriously make him sit with a green bean forever and he will just keep it in his mouth with his saliva building and turning into drool running down his face. It's Turing into some horrible meal experiences.

we've even gone as far as mixing it up with his favorites or mushing veggies like peas but again we play the sit and let the drool build.

He will however eat corn, baked potatoes, carrots, yams not to mention his newest favorite Cookies!

Little man didn't really enjoy anything sweet until after he was one. Even then treats were few and far between. Now however, it seems like everyone has been giving into letting him taste things here and there, my self included. I don't know if this has anything to do with it and i really hope it doesn't but there needs to be a change now.

My grandmother use to say "si no te lo comes te lo voya meter por la de atras"
(If you don't eat it i will stick it in thru the back)

It is kinda funny now that I'm an adult because obviously she was never going to do that and never did *heehee* It wasn't too nice either but IT WORKED. I was scared! I ate all my veggies and anything else she planned on sticking thru the back!

I don't wanna torture little man but I am running out of ideas .

Did your kiddo go thru this "phase"? If So, how long did it last and what did you do to help them try veggies.
Happy Monday!


p.s. I won I won I won :) I won a giveaway over at Casa De Nicole!!! Thanks chica you made my day!
Now that this week has started off GREAT I hope i get a call back from the job!
*happy positive wishes/prayers my way please!!!*


  1. oh boy! I have no advice because veggies suck but I eat them! lol....congrats on winning the giveaway.

  2. thank you for visiting my blog! =)

    oooh actually I'm a bit picky with veggies myself... my mom discovered I love it when she mixes chopped and cooked veggies with tomato and grinds it all as it were sauce =)

  3. I was and a little bit still am a picky eater. I wouldn't eat school lunches and my mama being awesome (or crazy) would bring me Mickey D's on certain days.

    Hopefully Big Man won't follow in my footsteps.

  4. Your Grandmother was funny! Her thread would have worked on me for sure! heeheee

    My little cousin used to be a picky eater, like milk separate from cereal, etc. But he just grew out of it, and has since moved on to being picky about cleaning :D

    Your blog is looking fantastic with the new pictures, by the way :D


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