Aventuras IN la hora de BATH- Spanish Friday

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Was not too long ago that Little lady was sitting in a “bumbo” scared of being splashed by the water running in the tub with her big brother. Now more time is spent playing and pretending to swim in the tub during bath time. Unfortunately once the bubbles settle and bath time becomes boring they become little curious explorers.

Little man stands and little lady points,“pee-pee” Little man points back “boobs”. At this point I realize, gone are the days where I can multitask and shower them both at the same time. Gone are the days where my little babies will enjoy bath time together. And where did they learn what "pee pee" and "boobs" are? I guess you can say I might have used those words around them at one point.

Little man and little lady are no longer babies they are big kids. They are big kids that communicate and identify their body parts, including those that should be left private. Off I go to teach them what privates are and that it’s best to call them privates.

No fue hace mucho tiempo que Little lady estaba sentada en un "Bumbo" con miedo de ser mojada por el agua corriendo en la bañera con su hermano mayor. Ahora, más tiempo se dedica a jugar y pretender que nada en la bañera durante la hora del baño. Lamentablemente, una vez que las burbujas se asientan y la hora del baño se convierte aburrida se convierten en pequeños exploradores curiosos.

Se encuentra Little man parado y little lady apunta "pee pee" Little man apunta también "boobs" En este momento me doy cuenta, se han ido los días en los que puede realizar múltiples tareas y bañar a los dos al mismo tiempo. Atrás han quedado los días en que mis hijos pequeños disfrutarán de la hora del baño juntos. Y me pregunto, de dónde aprendieron lo que son “pee pee” y “bobos”? Supongo que puedo decir que podría haber usado esas palabras alrededor de ellos algún tiempo.

Little man y Little lady ya no son bebés son niños grandes. Son niños grandes que comunican e identifican sus partes del cuerpo, incluso los que se debe dejar privados. Me voy a enseñarles que son partes privadas y por que es mejor llamar le partes privadas.

Happy Weekend!
Feliz Fin de Semana!


  1. Lol...this is cute. It's funny, teaching them about this stuff. You try to avoid it, but one way or another, an explanation has to come about. It's always funny to hear the words parents use too. I swore I would teach my daughter the big words, but now...it seems to grown up to hear her say them...so we say "pee-pee", "gy-gy" and "ma-milks". LOL! She's a breastfed baby...in case you're wondering about that last one! ;)

  2. What a cute pic of your little ones in the tub. We have been experiencing potty humor (everything between my son and his cousins has to do with everything found in the bathroom!) Not too long ago we were explaining the whole privates issue. Have fun!

  3. Cute post. Como crecen de rapido, verdad? Your little ones are adorable. Can't imagine juggling two at bath time. I have enough trouble trying to lasso my one guy. Hope you have a great week! : D

  4. Their cuties, but I agree...once they can start identifying each other's body parts, then maybe baths should be seperate

  5. They're so cute! ... They grow up so fast though. SIGH.

    Glad you participated in Spanish Friday, amiga! :)


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