We love Tijuana

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Hello everyone we are having so much fun.

I will be posting pictures from our past 2 weeks here in Tijuana during this week.

The kids and I have had many great outtings with grandma and grandpa including a family reunion. We've also been blessed with delicious homemade mexican meals everynight.

I have tons of pictures to upload and hope to share them soon for now i'll leave you with our favorite place, The park!


This is the place where we've been spending lots of time. Not only do we get to see family and friends there it's fairly close to home. The park is directly behind my parents home where we are staying so we also get to do my workouts while the kids play. It really is a win-win!

Little man and little lady love the slide. I had them crying the first couple times we had to go because they were having so much fun.

They are also having lots interaction with other kids who speak spanish only. Little man tries to communicate with hand gestures. It's pretty funny. They have picked up a couple words too.

I've noticed most of their conversations revolve arounds someone touching their hair lol. Good thing my kids don't mind.

Overall our stay has been very relaxing. We are enjoying our time here with family. However, we are missing all the family back home in NJ including daddy. I knew somehow this was gonna happen. Daddy should be coming out to visit for a little soon!

I must share that I do plan to stay out here until August for blogher'11 I can't wait to meet all my bloggy friends. Please comment below if you are attending I'd love to know who's going or shoot me a tweet @rubydw

I'll be back soon with more pictures of the kids enjoying some great mexican dishes!


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So we meet again

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Hello from beautiful Tijuana, Mx!

The kids and I took an unexpected flight out to San Diego, Ca a couple days ago to visit family.We are currently in Mexico right across the border from San Diego. We will be having many adventures during our stay.

I'll be popping in whenever I can.

For now I leave you to enjoy mr. sun! It feels so good to be in 70 degrees.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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Catholic as a family part II

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In the honor of lent I have decided to update you on how going to church was as a family.

We attended an evening prayer mass on Wednesday to receive ash. I was a bit nervous since we haven't been since my daughter was 7 months. (it's taken me a lot to find a church I felt comfortable in)

The kids now talk, run, and have their own little personalities. I knew it was going to be very eventful since both little man and little lady have decided to pull the fake cry lately.

During mass we sat and we got the stares. I forget that we live in a predominately Caucasian neighborhood where Interracial's are not common.

We walk in and sit with the kids.

Immediately, the choir begins to sing and soon as their song is over little lady decides to cheer for them. "YAY *clap clap clap*" I couldn't help but laugh a little. I guess she thought we were attending a show. She did this with every song.

Little man was fairly quite next to dad throughout the whole mass. While little lady decided to make friends with everyone around us. She felt the need to show them her tongue as well... not cool.

When we finally went up for ash, I was holding little lady. She decided to rub off the ash as soon as it was put on. Little man on the other hand, while holding daddy's hand, decided to move away. Instead of receiving a cross he got a thumb print.

It was also the hubs first time participating. I think he got the biggest cross out of all of us.

Since it was our first time attending. I decided to ask the hubs what he thought of the church and about what was said during mass.

He mentioned "They aren't that friendly in this church. No one shook my hand they didn't even do the 'peace be with you'" I had to remind him we attended a prayer mass not an actual mass with communion. Today I asked him if this is a church he could see us going to every Sunday He said yes!

I think it turned out pretty good. I can't wait to attend again.

Happy Thursday everyone!


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Being Catholic as a family

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There's no question that religion was a major part of me when my husband met me. I believe it was one of the first things I shared with him upon meeting. Why? Because I wanted my children to be raised Catholic and I wanted to one day marry in a Catholic church. It's a big part of how I was raised.

Even though I have yet to marry in a Catholic Church My husband is very open with all my wishes. We have attended mass together a few times. We have also baptized both our children. He is even open about one day fulfilling all his sacraments so we can get married in church.

Now I find myself explaining Ash Wednesday to him and the kids because today will be out first Ash Wednesday as a family!

We are to attend mass later today and also will be abstaining from meat today and every Friday from now til Easter Sunday.

Growing up we would always give up something else. I usually gave up junk food like sweets or soda.

Since my family has begun this new lifestyle we area already doing that. We are going on 3 weeks of healthy living.

Do you celebrate Ash Wednesday and Lent? If so. do you give up anything?


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The time has come

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It wasn't so long ago that I was so excited to get little man his own big boy bed and now My little lady has requested her very own.

After finding her climbing on to little man's bed time after time

Daddy finally asked "do you want a big girl bed?"

little lady quickly replied "yesh!"

I was so excited I even helped dad convert the crib to a toddler bed. Then when the moment came for her to get into her own bed It hit me... Little lady is no longer a baby! No more crib... No more baby.

It was such a bittersweet moment. I think the hubs caught on to my emotions because he asked me during putting the kids to bed "are you ok? you're not crying are you?" I must admit my eyes were definitely watery.

So here she is the big girl in her big girl bed!

(Grandma in Cali had got her a Princess and the Frog bed set when she was only 7 months lol so we finally got the chance to put it to great use. She loves her princess bed! Thanks grandma!!! )

Now the only problem is she wants to bunk with brother and gets out of bed as often as she can.

Happy Monday everyone!

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Following my parent's footsteps

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For as long as I can remember, education is very important in my family. My parents always had me involved in some type of educational activity whether it was workbooks, after school programs, or intersession /summer school classes. I did it all, even when I wasn’t behind in classes. I was in fact an honors student.

I was lucky to have a mother who was very involved in higher education and a father who wanted more than just manual labor jobs for his children. They wanted college graduates!

My parents were always looking for greater opportunities that would benefit me and my siblings. I graduated high school with half of my AA degree completed. Thanks to my parents motivating me and enrolling me into an alternative high school program. Needless to say they were very involved in my education.

The reason I mention all these great things is because I see my parents in many of the decisions I’m making for my children. I feel like I'm following their footsteps.

Not too long ago, I was on the phone with my mother discussing preschools. She always tells me “Ruby, when is 'Little Man' going to start preschool he should be in school already.” I laugh because it’s always the same answer. “Ma, we’ve already visited and talked to a few schools in the area”. I can’t seem to find one that I think little man or little lady will completely benefit from. Most are like day cares and we don’t need a daycare!

I find myself researching the programs I want my children involved in. Everyone knows how important it is for them to learn Spanish, so of course that’s a big one in my list.

I find great events to attend to and valuable information via my friends at Latinos In Social Media #LATISM. There is where I first learned about Univision’s Es El Momento (The Moment is Now) Campaign. The campaign “is aimed at improving academic achievement among K‐12 Hispanic students with a specific focus on high school graduation and college readiness.”

It was there that I found an article in Spanish that gave me great food for thought regarding my child’s education. The article is titled “Cómo elegir un buen preescolar” (How to choose a great preschool). I realize that preschool will prepare my child with the essentials for kinder. However, as the article also states, it “allows them to acquire important skills like paying attention, perseverance to complete their tasks, accept new responsibilities and become friends.”

I tell you, my criteria list is growing but only because I want to be as involved and motivational as my parents were with me. Education and parent involvement go hand in hand when you have little ones to raise, at least that’s what my parents taught me.

For more information on Es El Momento Campaign visit here:

Or to join the great conversation over on Latism visit here:

or follow the hashtag #LATISM on twitter!


*Disclaimer. This is a sponsored post.

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It's been a rollercoaster around here.

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Feels like it's been forever!
We have been a very busy little family.
Since my little hiatus i have taken on yet another new routine.
This one benefits is all and it's taken me, the momma, away from this here computer with little to no time for blogging but i assure you this won't take me away.

It was almost an over night decision but a true plan in the making.

Last year in November I had a busy life, working, going to the gym and trying to get healthy. Unfortunately I became ill in December and there went everything when i needed surgery.

It's now going on 3 months (march15th) that I had this surgery so theres no reason I can't get back to being healthy.

We have started to go to the gym as a family. We are eating healthier and becoming active dare i say athletes in the making. But with new life changes lots of time and effort are taken away from other things.

The kids didn't like the gym at first. It was brand new once again. Different staff in the daycare along with time away from mom and dad. it took some adjusting.

Once we settled in to the first week things went much better. They now love it and I see them interacting with other children. They look forward to going and it's so cute to see them grab their shoes and jacket to say they're ready to go.

The best part also is that their is some, not a lot but some, bilingual interaction.
My daughter seems to win everyones hearts and so since last year this little girl maybe 8 yrs old would always play with my daughter. We happened to go to the gym on some evenings when her family goes as well. Those days are the hardest to get my kids out of there. They seems to have so much fun. I've found my self having to go in and interrupt their play time. The last time i stepped in the center I heard the little girl tell my daughter "ponte los zapatos" put on your shoes It warmed my heart!

Now that we are getting the hang of things I'll be popping in more often.
I've missed you all!!!
Hugs all around!!!
Happy Wednesday

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