Daddy is gone!

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The Hubs is finally gone for training. This was our last picture before he left. The kids really didn't know what was going on but we tried to explain to them all week what was going to happen on the weekend. Of course being the super emotional person I am I knew it was best to stick around only for a little while since the hubs family had come by to drop off some last minute things I felt ok leaving before he got on the bus. I also know the kids would freak out much like what happened when we drove off.

dad leaving for training

As I had expected the evening got harder at bed time. Little man would hear the door and would jump "my dad is here my dad is here" I'd have to go over to him and again remind him daddy wasn't going to be coming any time soon but when he did he would be bringing back surprises. As i went to tuck them in he again started "I miss my dad I love him come back dad why did you leave me." You can imagine at this point how my heart was breaking. It was a matter of time before little lady figured out what was happening and started crying her self.  We spoke to him a bit thru skype and I think it only made it worse.

Overall I think I am taking this time apart much better. It hurts to see the kiddos hurt and want dad but i know i can handle this . I have an amazing group of friends and family supporting us and keeping us positive. I am thankful for them all.


  1. aww it will get better over time & by that time he will be back!! :)

  2. It'll be all ok :)
    You'll get through this girl :)


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