Easter 2012

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Easter was a peaceful celebration at our home. The kids had last asked for gifts from the Easter bunny that included a Barbie house and cars.

It's been a tradition in the hubs family to treat Easter like Christmas in the sense of one big gift and a nice basket of goodies.

This was the first year the kids waited w anticipation much like they did for Santa.

In the am little man and little lady raced over to see if indeed the Easter bunny had brought them goodies. Of course their eyes lit up and dad and I took pictures.

One thing I like to add besides eggs full of treats is a book This year they each got one little lady got I love my hair and little man got the hungry caterpillar.

We also made egg snapped blondes. Now this was a first for all of us. While the bodies weren't what we expected we had a great time making them as a family and decorating them

Hope your Easter was fantastic.


  1. So I fell in love with you... just thought you should know. ;)

  2. Ruby!! I posted a video on my FB page that you appear...just thought you should check it out! its awesome girl!!


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