Fourth of July in Atlantic City #HowIdoAC

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There's a new show in town!

This year Atlantic City has a great new FREE show that is sure to wow your family and create a special memory at the boardwalk!

With the new changes the city is making, Duality, a new 3D sound and light show, will be one of 5 new attractions being brought to Atlantic City.

Moment Factory, the creators of the spectacular Madonna Superbowl halftime show, have created this new attraction that is set to be permanent. Watch the making here to get an idea of what you can expect!

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

When:   Starting July 4th after the Fireworks 
Where: Boardwalk Hall,  Atlantic City best seen from Kennedy Plaza
Time:    Free!  running for 8 1/2 minutes twice per hour
Cost:     FREE!

Experience the new family friendly Atlantic City this summer!

Disclosure:This is a compensated post however the above are my true and honest opinions.
This post is brought to you with the support of the Atlantic City Alliance. 
Join the conversation about the new Atlantic City at #HowIDoAC on Twitter. 
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Images: Courtesy Moment Factory


  1. That looks pretty cool. The 3D is going to be fantastic. Too bad I'm so far away, would love to see it


  2. AC is such a great destination for a weekend from the NY Metro area. And the beachiness of it makes it more fun than... ahem... other places a bit north of it. Thanks for the suggestion and for the recommendation. The show looks really cool!

  3. How awesome is that! I wish I was up north. This show seems really cool! Guess I'll add this to my "things to do if I get up north this summer" tour ;-).

  4. Hopefully we can meet up in Atlantic City soon! But if not, see you at BlogHer! :)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I´m not that far away... maybe I could give it a try.

  7. I'll be there this and Snookie.

  8. how cool! you know I've never spent a weekend there?

  9. Wow! That looks like a lot of fun! My kids would love it!

  10. Was it fun for the kids? Looks like it!

  11. Oh my word how things change!?!? I've not been to AC since I was about 7. I don't even recognize it. What a great place/show to take the nephews and nieces to!

  12. Wow very cute and light place. I wish I could go there someday. Because we have a plan to have a vacation in this coming summer.


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