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While I don't normally talk about the kids college future on the blog, I have made it very clear that getting an education and going to college is not an option. It is something they are going to need and will learn to appreciate. It will play a key point in determining their future.

Luckily I had amazing parents who made this very clear to me and I plan to do the same with the kiddos.

I felt the need to share this information for two reasons:
1-Education has been my career background. I worked at a continuing education school for years and part of my job was education our students on the transition to college. I don't think I'd being doing my part for our community if I didn't write about this.

2- After a twitter party last night with #LATISM & #RumboalCollege I knew how important the work I did before was and still is needed. Supporting our kids and educating them and their parents on college applications, scholarships and over all experiences IS VERY IMPORTANT!

With that being said, here is some information on how to ACE those Scholarship Applications.

englishmcd copy
For more information on the webinar, visit here

spanishmcd copy
Para obtener más información sobre el seminario, visite  aqui

Disclosure: This is NOT a compensated post. I was sent the information and I decided to share this on my blog because it is very important to me.


  1. I love it! I didn't realize all that LNESC was doing until I went to the LULAC convention. This is great. Keep talking about this, Ruby! It is important, like you said.


  2. Thank you for sharing this resource of educational information. It's greatly needed. Btw, it's never to early to teach our children the power of education!


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