Dia de los Muertos first then Halloween

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This year we celebrated Dia de los Muertos first then Halloween. This has got to be a first for us. Never had I had mother nature postpone a holiday or celebration for me just another reason to love the east coast!

Pan de Muertos
Since I was stranded in Houston days before thanks to Hurricane Sandy. I had told my friend Juan if he could take me to an authentic Panaderia, Bakery. He took me to El Bolillo which had amazing breads not to mention the smell shot me back to my childhood. I'll have more on that on my stranded adventure post.

One of the guys with us mentioned pan de muerto,  bread of the dead and i know I had to take some home with me.

The bread luckily made the day travel and I was happy to share a little piece of it in celebration of my grandparents!

Little Man and Little Lady devoured the "pink glitter" bread. Little Lady even called it "princess bread". It was nice to see them enjoy it!

Then Halloween was postponed. While I thought it was weird I was so thankful! I had missed the actual day and I was sad that I was going to take the kids out with the hubs for our traditional trick or treating night. Our state postponed Halloween to Monday, November 5th.

The kids were Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. The hubs and I were suppose to be BMO and LSP for you adventure time fans. Unfortunately we never got to finish our costumes. Instead, the hubs was a zombie and I was snow white for the 3rd time per the kids request for momma to dress up too.

We took our family picture before we went out and this year the kids walked up to the door alone while dad and I waited by the sidewalk. It was so cute to see them walk up and run back excited with their treats.

The day was cold and after 2 blocks we called it a night. Halloween 2012 was a success!

I'm happy our little family was able to still celebrate the season festivities after the hurricane.


  1. Omg! How awesome that u still got to celebrate everything with ur family....unfortunately due to a Hurricane.. :( you guys look great so happy!!!!!!

  2. i love the kids costumes! i wanted the kids to be that too cause i love watching that show lol =X

  3. So glad you still got to have some Halloween fun with the kids! BTW, I have that Snow White costume too :)

  4. Cuteness! You make a great Snow White, Amiga. I'm glad you did finally make it home and that you were able to celebrate both holidays with your familia. You always teach me something new about Mexican culture. Pan de muerto -- would've never known. Hope you're having fun in Miami. :-)

  5. I think it is pretty amazing that your state postponed Halloween! And that you got to celebrate this day with your kiddos!

    :'( to the walking to the door by themselves. They grow too fast. :(

  6. You look adorable and I think it was great of Jerz to postpone Halloween! I love it! NJ doesn't have panaderias? Oh lawd how are you living without all that Mexican goodness? lol I love pink glitter bread too! Love the littles, they look so happy!

  7. I'm glad you did celebrate both Día de los Muertos and Halloween. I've always heard of Día de los Muertos in DR, my grandma (my mom's mom) would do a remembrance, but is not celebrated like in the Mexican culture. I've learned a lot about it during the last few years. Love the Snow White on you! xoxo

  8. So so glad NJ postponed Halloween due to the storm. I think all of you look great and that Snow White costume looks awesomesauce on you!!

  9. How awesome you were still able to celebrate Halloween, the kids look so adorable, and so do you and hubs! The bread looks delicious, and it's awesome the kids got to enjoy some authentic mexican bread!


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