We lost our Dog

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Our Lost DOG
 Yes you read that right, that dog you see there is our virtual pup and he went missing.

It was back in August that I convinced the kids to beg dad for a puppy. It wasn't like we were really going to get one but I thought i'd see if the hubs would give in to the one thing he does not ever want to include in our family... a pet.

His reasons... we won't be able to travel. I think there is more behind that but i'll leave it at that.

So the hubs gets us a NintendDOG for little man's 3DS. I thought yay at least we can pretend we have a dog. We do have to walk it, play with it, feed it, and bathe it. It's almost like having a real dog.

Days go by and I notice little lady playing the DS unattended. This is a big no no since she is known for taking the games out.

Sure enough no game in the DS Little Lady had taken it out and now Our beloved Chewy Bark Bark Wright, who she named, was lost.

You could have thought this Dog was real the way we were going crazy looking for the game. Little Lady in tears because she couldn't remember where she placed the game. Little Man sad that he couldn't play with his puppy. And i'll admit, I was sad as well I had just taught Chewy 2 new tricks!

A month probably went by. I ended up flipping all our couch cushions over and there in the corner of the couch was a little gray square  It was CHEWY!
Our Lost DOG
I told the kids and they wanted to play with him right away. We noticed he was dirty and sad looking like he was going to pass out on us. We got him cleaned up and the kids played with him for a while.

In the end I guess the hubs is right, we aren't ready for a puppy. For now we are happy with our Chewy Bark Bark!

Disclosure:  This is not a compensated post. No real or virtual pets have been harmed under our care. Yes this Lost virtual Dog story is real.


  1. Awww, this made me sad... and then it made me happy! I am so glad you all found your Chewy. Such a cute post. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. how cute is your little chewy! i'm glad you found him. dogs are a huge responsibility. i have cats and they are easier to take care of and when we leave town we have a pet sitter so that costs us but we love our pets!

  3. So cute!!! My Cami is sitting here going.."mami I want a Paupy!" and "ahh mami a Paupyyy!" lol!!!

  4. Hmmm ... a virtual dog, eh? Should've thought of that. Glad Chewy found his way home.

  5. Haha, that's a lot easier than what I've got here... and so cute! Aww I loved this post and happy you guys found Chewy!


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