Baby Sugar

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baby sugar

Little Lady discovered a little baby powder container in my things a while ago.

LL: "What's that Mama?"
Me: That's Baby Powder
LL: "I want some it's yummy!"
Me: "You don't eat that, silly!"
LL: "OH!"
ME: "That's for your body and when you were little we used it in your 'diapey'"
LL: "Oh, I want some in my 'chonies' please mama?"
Me: "Ok, Let's see"

That was sometime last year, today she requested "Can I have some Baby Sugar Mama?"

I couldn't stop laughing I just did as she asked.

Definitely a moment I will share with her when she gets older and maybe even continue the name.


  1. LOL SO CUTE! Imma call you that!

  2. She's too cute. This goes in the kids say the darn-est things category. I used to call lipstick lipkiss :D

  3. Ruby, no kidding. It's exactly what it looks like! *lol*


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