Becoming friends thru #SnailMailPals

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We are so excited to partner up with Melissa of Painting Mariposas In The Sky!

Melissa and I talked one day and decided to have our kids be pen pals. We knew how important it was to have our kids experience the joy of receiving snail mail and thus SnailMailPal was born!

Doll Face, her daughter will be sending mail monthly and we will be doing the same.

Here is our first mail from Doll Face. The coolest About Me book we could have ever asked for!

The kids couldn't wait to learn about their new SnailMailPal!

We learned about Doll Face's family and loved all her pictures. Doll Face lives in Sacramento, Ca! She loves trains and is learning how to swim! Little Man loved her Mickey shirt in one of the pictures and Little Lady loved her Finger paint High Five!
She even sent us the coolest stickers too. How did she know we were collectors?

We can't wait to get to know our new friend over snail mail!

Head on over to Painting Mariposas In The Sky to view what Little Man and Little Lady sent Doll Face.


  1. Awww, I am so glad that they loved the stickers. :) Can't wait to send out February's package. And seeing the friendship between Doll Face, Little Man and Little Lady blossom. :)

  2. I think penpals are great. I remember having penpals all throughout middle and junior high school. It really teaches kids the importance of forming relationships and getting to know others.

  3. This is such a cute idea! Does Little Lady get it yet? I wonder if Alina would.. Seriously super cute!


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