10 books to explore Mixed Heritage #GUBMixedHeritage

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As we continue to celebrate, I wanted to share 10 books to explore Mixed Heritage. Some are new finds for us as well but we hope to add to our library soon.

I realized that a lot of the books available only dealt with skin color, language or one culture.  Very few dealt with mixed race, mixed roots or mixed heritage. I've made a list of books I would buy for my kids, after reading reviews and being recommended by friends.

Talking about our Mixed Heritage may come easy but I feel it's important to prepare our kids the diverse world we live in today. Exposing them to other cultures, races and even other mixed heritages is a must!

Below you will find a list of  preschool and elementary aged appropriate books to explore Mixed Heritage.

In no particular order:

Whoever You Are                   I love Saturdays y domingos

Liliana's Grandmothers             The Color of Us

Two Mrs. Gibsons                    A Man Called Raven

 Black, White Just Right            What is your Language?

 We All Have A Heritage            Hats Off To Hair

We hope you check out some of these books and that they help discuss mixed heritage.

Do you have any favorite Mixed Heritage books or culture books? 
Let us know we'd love to add them to our wish-list! 



  1. Wow! I didn't know there where so many. Pinned it! Quickly by looking at the covers the first one "Whoever you are" is the one that I would get first. Thx for sharing amiga!

  2. These are awesome books. I had a hard time finding books about mixed heritage when I did a search, so you just made my life like 1000X easier... currently all these books are our wish list. thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! Our multicultural appreciates it:).


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