Waiting on the Tooth Fairy

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waiting on the tooth fairy

That's right! Little Man has lost his first tooth!!!

Ever since we visited the dentist a few month's ago we were told how the bottom teeth were a bit loose and it was a matter of time they'd fall out. I was a bit shocked I can't remember how old I was when I lost my first tooth but I don't believe I was in Kinder.

Needless to say, Little Man has been messing with his tooth for quite some time. When he got home from school yesterday he shared his tooth was very loose. I took a look and both bottom teeth were lose. I knew if he took a bite of anything it was sure to fall out. So we let him wiggle and wiggle the little tooth. Dad and I took turns wiggling and suddenly dad was able to get his tooth out.

Little Man was so excited. He smiled so big and I teared up at the sight of his little gap. My Little Man is such a big boy and the more he grows the more my heart skips a beat.

waiting on the tooth fairy with our tooth

I wasn't prepared for this day to come. I've been very busy as of late but I knew i'd have to do something very special. Especially since I will be leaving early in the AM and won't be able to ask what the tooth fairy left him.

I quickly got my felt and wool roving and took a shot at making him his own tooth pillow. I was inspired by Mommy Poppet and used her template for my cut out. Unfortunately I don't sew so I took a chance and did a few needle felt pokes to keep my pillow in tact. It's only temporary don't mind my colorful tooth little man helped roll a few of the balls lol It's perfectly imperfect!

waiting on the tooth fairy baby tooth

We placed his little tooth in the pocket and under his pillow his tooth pillow went.

How do you prepare for the tooth fairy?

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  1. I love love love the felt tooth you made him. I will have to make one for Doll Face too. Totally book marking this for later use. :)


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