DIY New Year Party Hats

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

diy new year party hats

Need an activity that is festive and keeps the kids entertained while the countdown for New Year celebration? Make these easy DIY New Year Party Hats!

They are not only so fun to make but they definitely get everyone in the mood to ring in the new year.

This craft can cost you as little as $15 to make 10 hats by purchasing your items at Walmart!

To make these you will need:
new year hats supplies

  • cardstock- glitter preferred! Walmart has a 10 pack of assorted colors in the craft department for $5
  • glue or tape
  • glitter fuzzy sticks(pipe cleaners) 12 pack $0.88 at Walmart
  • ribbon
  • fasteners
  • scissors
  • optional- shape punches, sticker maker we got ours at Walmart for $8 it made this activity mess free so we totally recommend it!

Let's get started
new year hats_ how to

  1. Trace on your cardstock a hat shape about 10.5 inches in length. At the point of your hat, make a cut in a u form this will allow room to insert your decoration glitter sticks later. Need a template try this one by they are a bit shorter and smaller too but they can work for sure!
  2. Glue your hat. It is totally ok to overlap the flaps be sure to leave space for your decor at the top when glueing together.
  3. Make 2 holes, one on each end of your hat. Insert your fasteners and poke thru a piece of ribbon. Ribbon should measure approximately 12-14 inches long. Ensure to make it long enough to tie hat on.
  4. Use 1 or 2 glitter sticks fold in half or thirds and tape at the bottom add a small piece of string and insert thru hole you left up at the top of your hat. Secure the ribbon in your hat with some glue or tape.
  5. Decorate your hat. Add shapes or words or cut our the new year in glitter paper! Glue on to your hat or use the sticker maker to add adhesive to all your decor.
Now try them on and make sure they fit well.

new year hats_yay

Let's celebrate!!!! 

new year hats_happy new year


  1. Oh girl these DIY party hats are awesome!!!!!!

  2. These are so adorable & fun!! Love! My kids are definitely going to want to make some!! Thanks for the easy tutorial!

  3. That 1st picture of them is the freakin best! Cute hats too

  4. Ruby, your kids are adorable. I could've used this craft last night, lol. As usual, a day late. Wishing you nothing but the best in the New Year, Amiga. xoxo


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