Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

Citrus is in season and  in efforts of being a healthy family I've been on a smoothie kick! I thought it was only right to share one of our new favorite smoothie recipes.

I usually have 6 days of green smoothies because I have an iron deficiency (more on that later) The family has been super supportive and occasionally ask for a sip or a cup depending how great they come out.

The hubs and I decided to make a special smoothie  at least one day a week and this has been one of the best ones because we all love oranges!  I thought it was only right to share our delicious smoothie recipe

So we headed to our local store to get all the ingredients to make our Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe!

With Walmart's 100% freshness guarantee there is no losing when buying your produce. If you aren't completely satisfied with your produce you can head back to the store with your receipt and you will get a full refund NO QUESTIONS ASKED + no need to bring back the produce to the store!

Here is what you need to make this delicious smoothie! 

orange banana smoothie_ingredients
Orange Banana Smoothie | 4 servings
4- Naval Oranges- 1 whole peeled orange and  3 juiced for appx 1 cup of orange juice
2- Bananas
1 cup of frozen peaches
1 cup of vanilla yogurt
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of ice - optional

orange banana smoothie_fresh squeezed orange juice

Prepare your oranges to be juiced. 3 oranges yield appx 1 cup of fresh orange juice. 

orange banana smoothie_fresh squeezed orange juice and yougurt

Measure your ingredients before blending together.

orange banana smoothie_dice ingredients

Dice bananas and add to blender with peaches, peeled orange.

orange banana smoothie_blend with milk

Add your orange juice, yogurt and ice. Blend and then add your milk. Blend again until desired texture. Serve and enjoy!
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  1. Delish! Ruby, it reminds me of the Orange Julius shakes at South Coast Plaza. YUM

  2. What is the serving size on this? Would love to free in individual serving bags ahead of time.

  3. Such a gorgeous and healthy smoothie, love to start my day with it.
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