Passing on The Love for Dodgers thru Barbies #barbieproject

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

My dad is a Dodgers fan, I am a Dodgers Fan and I hope my kids one day say they are Dodgers fans as well. Sports and Dodgers conversation is the way my dad and I bonded so I hold a special place in my heart for my boys in blue!

I can't remember the occasion, but I was given A Dodgers Barbie in 1999... I was 15 years old. I melted! Though it had been a few years since I had stopped playing with barbie dolls, I knew this one was one to treasure a collectors item if you will.

Fast forward to now, I went home to visit my parents and I found a few of my old toys including my 1999 Dodgers Barbie! I showed Little Lady my doll and she smiled. She never asked for it until now.

While she doesn't have any collector barbie yet, she does have quite the collection. She rotates thru playing with her favorites Nikki and Raquelle. Nikki's been coming to many of little man's baseball practices and she finally asked if Nikki could wear my Barbie's uniform. I smiled and agreed.

I never played with my Dodger Barbie Doll but I loved her so because she represented something so close to my heart. Now that I have Little Lady, getting to experience the love for Barbie is on a whole new level.

We talked about how Dodger Barbie's uniform has so many pieces. She said mama Barbie has an under-shirt and blue socks! Something I never noticed. Barbie also has a glove, bat, and jacket but those have been lost in travels I am sure they will come up one day for her to play with as well.

After both barbies were undressed we began to put Dodger Barbie's uniform on Nikki. This was such a great moment for Little Lady and I because not only is she sharing in the Dodger pride by having Nikki wear the uniform but Nikki seems to be the Barbie she identifies with. I'm not sure if she ever dreams of wearing the Dodger blues but I am sure this is a great start!

When Nikki was all dressed up we noticed her feet were a lot smaller than Dodger Barbie and that the hat didn't fit right. Nikki still looked glamours though, with her hoop gold earrings and fancy lashes! She looked perfect! Ready for a Dodgers game!

Nikki is still wearing her Dodger blues and Little Lady talks about taking her to every practice and game because of course Little Man plays Little League on the Dodgers team!

I am glad our love for the Dodgers will continue to live on with our kids Thank you Barbie for passing on our love and pride! GO Dodgers!

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  1. I love that you still have your Barbie dolls and that you are passing them on to your daughter. That is so cool that you and your daughter can share your love of Barbie and baseball.


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