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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the #Barbie Project.

There are so many things Little Lady wants her Barbie's to be a part of. She is full of imagination! But when she requested mini donuts for Barbie I looked at her like WHAT? I mean mini donuts for Barbie to eat? Ya she explained "Barbie needs to eat too you know" She thought longer "a cafe with yum donuts"

I spent a few days trying to figure out how to make this happen for her. Luckily, I remembered that a lot of my elf on the shelf having friends made mini donuts out of Cherrios for their elves and they were the perfect size for Barbie. The idea of wanting mini donuts for Barbie had have come from our recent trip to get donuts. She has quite the imagination when it comes to hanging out with Barbie!

Using candy dishes, a mini cake stand, a few dip cups, and toothpicks we put her cafe together!  I asked her what she wanted to do first. She said "Donuts" We named her cafe after what she wanted "yum donuts" and when we had a few donuts made we put up our open sign.

I must admit it was fun watching her decorate Cherrios with frosting and sprinkles to be donuts.  Her chef Barbie helped too! Little Lady insisted. She said mom "Barbie needs another batch of donuts out the oven" I said "oh we really are baking them huh?" I watched her ice each donut and with her tiny fingers wipe away the imperfections. She is so my daughter needing to have everything just right!

I caught her tasting the frosting and asked "what's it taste like?" She said  "ummm like....Whip cream whippy whip frosting" Yum!

When she finally had enough of the decorating she said "it's time for a snack!" She planned on snacking on the mini donuts too but I had daddy bring her a delicious chocolate sprinkles donut of her own and you know what it was just her size!

It's no surprise Little Lady enjoyed her time in Yum Donuts Barbie Cafe as a chef. The idea behind it all came from her wanting Barbie to experience what she does. Little Lady is just the caring type. She wants everyone included and doesn't hesitate to share! Her imagination guides her to be very creative and I love that I can join in the fun too. She loved making her Barbie's mini donuts but knowing she could share a snack with them made her happier!

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!

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