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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant In the Barbie Project.

Raising a happy and healthy kids is top priority for the hubs and I. With Little Lady we've dealt with many things, one being hair. We make it a point to speak positive and teach her things about her hair to build confidence. Today we share with you how Barbie played a part in a simple yet very important conversation with a recent issue we had dealing with Little Lady's Hair.

The problem

A stranger came up to my daughter and caressed her hair. She didn't speak, didn't ask questions, just took it upon her self to grab a handful of Little Lady's hair and walk away.


I didn't even react or say anything.

The guilt kicked in a few seconds later when I spoke to the hubs and told him I did nothing to protect Little Lady from this strange woman. I knew I had to teach my daughter to defend herself and have others respect her space.

I finally had a deep conversation with Little Lady in a video we'd like to share with you.

I feel better knowing she knows what to say but I find it even more interesting that she is aware that adults are the ones that mainly disrespect her by not asking and just going off to touch her hair. She doesn't mind if people touch her hair which I am ok with if she is. I respect her curiosity and her want for others to respect her.

Dealing with situations like strangers touching hair:

-Express yourself- Let others know how you feel "Please don't touch my hair"
-Know when others aren't respecting your space Tell an adult or say "Please respect my space"
-Be Polite always- Don't be rude some people are just curious but let them know it's not OK
-Don't be afraid- Letting others know how you feel, what is ok, and what is not ok with you is your right!

We hope you enjoyed our conversation about hair!

Learn more about the Barbie Project and join the conversation #BarbieProject too!


  1. Little Lady is too cute! I totally get her, that happens to my nephew who lives in DR. He has straight hair (in the curly hair nation) and EVERYONE feels they have to touch it. He gets so annoyed. Little Lady learned a great lesson through Barbie, that's awesome.

  2. I love that you did this with your daughter. It's important that she confident about herself and her hair enough to tell people don't touch me. Ugh people are so rude. People use to try to touch my son and his hair. I would instantly slap their hand. They dont try no more. LOL


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